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बहुपरत पाइप के लिए ब्रास होसेटेल बार फिटिंग


Basic Info

  • Material: Brass

  • Surface Treatment: Plated Copper

  • Customized: Customized

  • टेकनीक: हॉट कोल्ड फॉर्मिंग

  • Trademark: OEM

  • उत्पत्ति: झेजियांग, चीन

  • Standard: GB

  • Connection: Welding

  • सिर का प्रकार: गोल

  • Condition: New

  • रंग: गोल्डन

  • विशिष्टता: कस्टम विनिर्माण

उत्पाद वर्णन

1. We have our own factory and can provide products with good quality and competitive prices
2. Our products are exported to many countries and regions and have good reputation
3. Eco-friendly,safe,easy to use

Material पीतल
Precision +/- 0.13mm
Mfg. process machining
Production Equipment कास्टिंग कार्यशाला: कास्टिंग मशीन, रेत कोर मशीन, गर्मी उपचार भट्ठी, शॉट नष्ट मशीन। कार्यशाला: सीएनसी, नेकां खराद
Surface treatment शॉट ब्लास्टिंग, सैंड ब्लास्टिंग, ब्रश, पॉलिशिंग, पाउडर कोट
परीक्षण उपकरण hardness tester, CMM, roughness tester and third-party lab for other property.
बिक्री के बिंदु OEM service
Ferrous, non-ferrous material
Apperance and structrual parts
Sub-assembly service
Machining capability CNC machining parts, NC lathe and turning parts, machined casting and forging, sub-assembly service.
सामग्री की उपलब्धता Carbon steel, stainless steel, brass alloy, aluminum alloy.
Finish availability निकल चढ़ाना, जस्ता चढ़ाना, पाउडर कोट, गीला कोट, चमकाने, brushing, शॉट नष्ट करना, रेत नष्ट, anodizing
IPQC IPQC through the whole machining process, spot inspection for material coming-in, spot inspection for machining process and final inspection based on AQL


General Terms
1. Payment: T/T , 30% deposits before production, 70% balance to be paid before shipment
2. Production lead time: 25~30 days upon deposit
3. Sample can be ready in 4 weeks
4. Shipping freight are quoted under your requests
5. Shipping port:Ningbo or Shanghai Mainland China
6. MOQ: 1000pcs.
Our Goal
Custom and Standard Manufacturing Service
A variety of Manufacturing Process Integration
Quality and Delivery Time Guaranteed
Effective Communication Ability
 Jack Lu  (निर्यात अवमूल्यन) मोब / व्हाट्सएप / फेसबुक / वीचैट: + 86-18858041865

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