पीई इलेक्ट्रोफ्यूजन पाइप फिटिंग


Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Material:PE

Product Description

इलेक्ट्रो फ्यूजन फिटिंग विशेषताएं:
1. Imput Voltage: 39.5V
2. Raw Materials: PE80 / PE100
3. एसडीआर रेटिंग: एसडीआर 11 / एसडीआर 13.6 / एसडीआर 17 आदि।
4. Dimensions (mm): 20-355

Suitable for both gas and water polyethylene
Thick center wall and wide fusion zones
State of the art CNC resistance wire laying machine
आईएसओ मानक, बीएस एन 1555-3: 2002 बीएस एन 12201-3: 2003 का अनुपालन
Standard connection pin diameter: 4.0mm
Easy assembly
Light weight and flexible
Safe, leak proof and easy jointing by fusion welding
Each fitting comes complete with a bar code for easy installation
Universal user friendly as can be used with any commercially available welding machine with a bar code scanner. 

We carry socket fusion polyethylene fittings of all sizes that will suit all your needs. Below is a list of the various types of fittings that we carry: 

45 डिग्री कोहनी
90 Degree Elbows
End Caps
Flange Adaptors
कपलिंग को कम करना
Reducing Bushing
90 Degree Reducing Elbow
टी कम करना
180 Degree U-Bend
Shipping Caps
Clean Out Plug & Adaptor
45 Degree Wye
महिला एडॉप्टर
Male Adaptor
And many more


PE Fittiing