Pex-a Floor ताप पाइप


बुनियादी जानकारी

  • सामग्री: PEX

  • Hardness:Hoses

  • Type:Thermosetting Plastic Pipe

  • Color:Transparent

  • Hollow:Hollow

  • Shape:Round

  • Usage:Floor Heating

  • Transport Package:as Per Request

  • Specification:DN16, 20, 25mm

  • HS Code:3917210000

Product Description

Pure raw material LG XL1800 PEX-a heating tubes/pipes and fittings       
PE-Xa Heating Pipe:

Production Description:
Name: PE-Xa (Peroxide crosslinked polyethylene)heating coil
Material: PE-Xa (Peroxide crosslinked polyethylene )
Place of Origin: Jilin China (Mainland)
विशिष्टता: 16 * 1.8, 16 * 2.0, 20 * 1.9, 20 * 2.0, 25 * 2.3
दबाव रेटिंग: 1.25MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.0MPa, 2.5MPa
Color: transparent white or other colors as your request
मानक: DIN8077 / 8078 (जर्मन मानक)। GB / T18992.2-2003 (राष्ट्रीय मानक)
फैक्टरी प्रमाणन: आईएसओ; ब्यूरो वेरिटास ; GB / T18992.2-2003 (राष्ट्रीय मानक), CE2011

Item Specification Package
PE-Xa Heating Pipes Î|16 * 1.8 200m/roll,300m/roll
Φ16*2.0 200m/roll,300m/roll
Î|20 * 1.9 200m/roll,300m/roll
Φ20*2.0 200m/roll,300m/roll
Φ25*2.3 200m/roll

Feature of PE-Xa Products:
1, Healthy, comfortable & sanitary: conforming to traditional health care principles, dispel inner cold and invigorate the circulation of blood as well as guarantee air fresh, no dust or dirty-flow.
2, Good heat stability: Ground warmth has no a sudden heating phenomenon, large area heat-accumulating in the ground, heat-dispelling slowing, hot insulation is good enough to keep the indoor warm even during the warm interval period.
3, High productivity& energy saving:The whole radiation heat loss very little, and heat concentrate on the main space of human height. High heat-using rate and saving about 30% energy compared to traditional Radiant Heat device.
4. Using-area saving: saving living place about 3% because of no radiator or obvious pipe laying on the ground. All pipes are installed and concealed underneath the ground.
5. Economized & practical: save the cost of pipe decoration due to without pipes on the floor surface, saving the wastage and repair fees because its long using life can reach 50 years.
अनुप्रयोग डोमेन:
1. गर्म-पानी हीटिंग पाइप: निवास, बाजार, होटल, जिम, अस्पताल आदि।
2, Hot-water heating system: common bathing pool, hot spring, indoor swimming poor.
3, soil warming& heating system: parking lots, power plant, square, road.
4, फसलों और पशुधन उत्पादों के लिए गर्म पानी के पाइप।
5, industrial pipe: heat exchanger, heating coil, liquid transferring pipe.
Radiator heating effect :
No crosslinked polyethylene material, the heating effect is scattered and wasteful.
PE-Xa pipe heating effect:
With crosslinked polyethylene material,the heating effect is concentrated and energy conservation.
ISO 9001:2008 Certificate:
WHY choose us to cooperation?
About us:
Outstanding advantages as below:
1. Authenticity and Reliability: Ningbo Sunplast Pipe Co., Ltd. is a verified company by some professional third-party inspection companies: ISO, BV (BUREAU VERITAS) and
2. Patented product--Manifold: This is designed and developed individually by our independent R&D team. Especially using plastic instead of steel/copper is a great advance.
3. Production facilities are imported from South Korea: Computer monitoring system, totally enclosed automatic feeding system, advanced technology processes, perfect testing instruments.
4. मुख्य कच्चे माल: दक्षिण कोरिया एलजी कच्चे माल (XL1800), SK वैश्विक रासायनिक DX 800 और HONAM 8100GX, उत्पादों में किसी भी प्रशंसित भराव या क्षतिग्रस्त सामग्री के बिना।
5. Accessories: imported from Japan and Europe. Such as Germany Degussa DTBP cross-linking agent, Switzerland CIBA A/O1076 major antioxidants, PS802FL auxiliary antioxidants.
6. Years of production & service experience: High-quality products, Customer First..
7. Stable domestic market and stable stock.
Corporate Culture:
हमारी दृष्टि: निर्माण उद्योग के लिए उच्च गुणवत्ता वाली हरी पर्यावरण संरक्षण पाइप प्रणाली प्रदान करें।
Our targets: Mutual respects, excellent service, commit improvement, create values
हमारी प्रबंधन अवधारणा: मानवीकृत, सैन्यीकरण और वैज्ञानिक
Our service concept: Thankfulness, dedication, sincerity, high efficiency and win-win
हमारा मिशन: प्लास्टिक पाइप क्षेत्र में उत्कृष्ट ब्रांड बनाएं।
Our motto: Development and innovation is of top priority.
We are the manufacturer specialized in producing many different kinds of pipes and fittings more than 6 years, mainly dedicated to developing and producing "SUNPLAST" brand PE-Xa heating pipes, PE-RT geothermal pipes, PP-R hot/cold water pipes, PP-R fittings and manifolds.
If you are interested in any products, please feel free to contact us for more information at anytime.