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HDPE Pipe Fitting


बुनियादी जानकारी

  • मॉडल नं .: 90 मिमी -800 मिमी

  • कनेक्शन: वेल्डिंग

  • Raw Material: High Quality, Virgin PE100 or PE 100

  • अंतर्राष्ट्रीय मानक: ISO4427, ISO4437, ISO4427 / 4437, DIN8074 / 8

  • Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001,ISO10012,ISO14024

  • रंग: नीला धारी या पीला धारी वाला काला

  • Other: Customized

  • Specification: GB/T13663.2-2005 (ISO4427)

  • HS Code: 3917400000

  • Type: Equal

  • Material: PE100 or PE80

  • Material Suppier: Sinopec, Basell, Sabic, Borouge etc

  • Norminal Pressure: Pn4,Pn6,Pn8,Pn10,Pn12.5 Pn16,Pn20

  • एसडीआर: एसडीआर 33, एसडीआर 26, एसडीआर 21, एसडीआर 17, एसडीआर 13.6, एसडीआर 11

  • मोटाई: 2.3 मिमी -81.8 मिमी

  • Trademark: SP

  • Origin: China (Mainland)

Product Description

एचडीपीई बट वेल्ड टी टी काठी
1. Low MOQ
2. Quick delivery
3. उच्च प्रतिस्पर्धी मूल्य
4 अच्छी सेवा

1. It is used for connecting pipes of all specification which have the same materials and the same SDR system.
2. It possesses reliable connectivity, high interface strength, good airtight performance, and stable welding performance.
3. It is easily welded and operated, and conveniently used.
4. It is not easily affected by changes in environment temperature or human factors.
5. The hidden spiral heating wires buried inside can effectively resist oxidation and rust corrosion, ensuring stable welding performance.
6. The cost of equipment investment and maintenance is low.

Advantage of HDPE Fittings:
Light weight
Chemically Inert
Resistance to Abrasion
Smooth surface
Environmental stress crack resistance
Corrosion resistance
Frost & rodent resistance
हाइजेनिक सुरक्षा
आसान त्वरित स्थापना