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PPR Pipe for Hot and Cold Water Under DIN8077/8078 Standard


बुनियादी जानकारी

  • कठोरता: हार्ड ट्यूब

  • Shape: Round

  • लंबाई: 4 मी / बार

  • Transport Package: Nylong Bag

  • मूल: चीन

  • Material: PPR

  • Type: Thermoplastic Pipe

  • Hollow: Hollow

  • उपयोग: पानी की आपूर्ति पाइप

  • Trademark: Sunplast

  • Specification: 20mm-160mm

  • HS Code: 39172200

Product Description

PPR Pipe For Hot And Cold Water Under DIN8077/8078 Standard;
Material: Hyosung R200p from Korea;
Max Working Temperature: 95C
Service Life: Over 50 Years;
CE अनुमोदित;

Used for hot and cold water distribution systems,floor & central heating systems etc 
Smooth inside surface,lower flow noise,preventing dirt build-up inside the pipe
Long service life over 50 years
Heat preservation,and engergy-saving,heat conduct cofficient is 1/200 of that of metal pipe
Light in weight,easy to install,cost effective