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Hot Sale Brass Compression Fittings for Pex-Al-Pex Pipe


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Basic Info

  • सामग्री: पीतल

  • Connection:Thread

  • Enter Attribute Here (e.g.: Size):Enter Value Here (e.g.: 12 Inches)

  • Trademark:Sunplast

  • Specification:ISO9001: 2008

  • उत्पत्ति: Taizhou, झेजियांग, चीन

  • एचएस कोड: 741220900

Product Description

Brass Compression Fitting for PEX-AL-PEX Pipe 
1. सामग्री: पीतल
2. Surface: Nickel Plated or Natural Color 
3. Thread: M/F
4. Size: 15mmX1/2" 16mmX1/2" 16mmX3/4" 18mmX1/2" 20mmX1/2" 20mmX3/4" 22mmX3/4" 25mmX1" 26mmX1" 32mmX1", etc.
5. Applications: Connecting for PEX-AL-PEX Pipe(or PEX Pipe). Suitable for water and gas applications.
6. The body of the fittings, obtained by hot brass forged.

हम चीन से pex पाइप / pex-al-pex पाइप फिटिंग की आपूर्ति कर सकते हैं।

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